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I hate ontd_glee (rant)

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I hate ontd_glee (rant)

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Can I just say how much I hate the community ontd_glee? It really should just change its name to glee_sucks. It's nothing but an anti-Glee community, not to mention an anti-Matthew Morrison and anti-Darren Criss community.  It also bugs me that the mods of that community refuse to listen to anyone with opinions different from theirs and that they don't welcome discussion from dissenters. Also, how they treat their opinions as fact.

But what really bugs me is when they post links to garbage such as an obviously photoshopped picture of one of the Glee cast members holding hands with another celebrity, along with claims that they are dating AND THEN THEY DON'T BOTHER TO MENTION THAT IT'S A FAKE and act like it's true. That crap just really bothers me. If you don't like a particular celebrity, that's fine, but circulating false rumors about him is just not cool. And then, when a poster tries to be the voice of reason, he gets slammed with "you must be new" comments and similar sarcastic replies.

They remind me of the "elite" cliques at school that have a bunch of inside jokes and turn up their noses at anyone who's an outsider, and put everyone else down every chance they get. I suppose that must be why they hate Glee so much- because the show has such a strong anti-bullying stance. How dare a show ruin the fun they get out of making other people's lives miserable. /sarcasm

Sure, I get that people have different opinions, and that they have the right to express them, but it really bugs me that ontd_glee is  the most updated Glee community on LiveJournal. I keep telling myself to stay away from that cesspool of a comm but sometimes it's the only place to find updates on Glee.
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